Global Production Network Studies (GPN Studies)

The global economy is increasingly structured around global value chains (GVCs) or global production networks (GPN Studies) that account for a rising share of international trade, global GDP and employment. International production, trade and investments are increasingly organized within global production networks (GPNs) where the different stages of the production process are located across different countries. Globalization motivates companies to restructure their operations internationally through outsourcing and offshoring of activities.

Global Production Network Studies (GPN Studies) is a programme that focuses on different actors of GPN Studies. GPN Studies seeks to study the issues of labour intensive production networks and challenges of suppliers to generate new knowledge and inform current policy discourses on dealing with barriers to improve development performance of Indian suppliers with quality employment generation.

GPN has sought to go beyond mere descriptions of labour conditions to understand the business practices in GVCs that promote or even lead to such perilous labour in various tiers of globalized production. Currently, GPN is conducting research on the reduction of margins and lead times in garment, leather, and auto components’ production and their impact on employment practices. GPN Studies is also looking into the impact of low wages on workers and the ways in which one might advance towards a living wage standard in GVC-based employment. The research also focuses on understanding the purchasing practices of lead firms over the course of last 5-6 years and its impact on employment practices. The employment practices go beyond factories and thus the research is also focused on the home based workers who were primarily women to understand the gendered dimension of global supply chains.